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Meet Agilart

Agilart is a platform that allows people with no technical background to program microcontrollers or other compatible hardware through a simple web-based Visual Designer. Watch Video »

It is based on Agilart Run-time firmware and designed to run on low-cost hardware devices. 

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  • no coding or compilation required.  All programming happens quickly, through an easy to use, web-based visual designer. No technical qualification needed.
  • focus on what the microcontroller should do, not how to do it
  • no need of expensive or difficult to setup development environments and compilers
  • Remote programming – one-time setup of the microcontroller, no need of removal/installation for making changes
  • remote control and monitoring of the running programs through simple custom html-based dashboards
  • application repository - a place to download and run (reuse) programs created by others with Agilart platform
  • low-cost Agilart compatible microcontrollers (soon)
  • supports ARM based microcontrollers and application processors – bare metal (soon) and Linux
  • Who and where to use

    Agilart is for specialists who need to test different approaches in process automation and do that remotely; for manufacturers who need a fast and easy way to program microcontrollers for their equipment; for designers who deal with fast prototyping; for hobbyists and for anybody else who wants to build a system based on controllers.

  • Agilart can be used to control and monitor any kind of systems and/or processes that are not mission critical: smart houses, home and industry automation, for projects related to energy efficiency, hobby kits, fast prototyping, remote monitoring, interactive control, etc. Read more »

  • How to start

    Before you start, check the supported hardware and select a board. Then, log in and create a new project - this will launch the visual designer. Connect your board to your local network and start building your program. Enjoy! Read more »


  • Agilart Visual Designer

    The Agilart Visual Designer is a web-based tool allowing users to build a microcontroller application visually, through a simple drag and drop interface, without the need of compilers, linkers or coding.
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  • Agilart Run-time

    Agilart Run-time runs on any supported hardware and executes the user’s programs made in the visual designer. For embedded processors it has RTOS based port (soon); for application processors it comes as daemon for Linux.
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  • Agilart Hardware (soon)

    Agilart Run-time is designed in such a way that it can run on low-cost hardware. Additionally, any ARM-based board that runs Linux is also supported. In the near future, there will be microcontrollers, especially designed for Agilart platform.
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